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MyDoc Tuesday Tips: Turn supermarket shopping spree into a healthier journey

Are you fed up of constantly make rash food choices that take a toll on your health and wellbeing?  Here is a guide on ways to break your old grocery shopping habits for a healthier lifestyle. (Picture from A trip to the market or supermarket can be a great opportunity to fill up your pantry with nutritious and healthy foods, but they can take a turn for the worse when you select non-nutritious choices. To have a successful shopping trip, follow these steps: (Picture from 1. Eat a meal before your marketing trip.  We tend to make poor food choices on an empty stomach. Do your grocery shopping after main meals or have a snack beforehand. (picture from the style 2. Create a shopping list prior to your trip and stick to it .  This will create a disciplined approach for your shopping spree and prevents you from making poor food choices. (picture from  3. Fill your basket

Corporate healthcare screening packages can be inefficient. Here’s why (and how you can improve it)

There’s a famous phrase - it’s cheaper to die than to fall sick in Singapore. Healthcare is expensive - and we’re not just talking about medical costs for patients or the ever-increasing premium for medical insurance. We are talking about the cost to business owners. Every year employers spend a significant amount on corporate health screening packages, but how many of your employees actually understand the full benefits they are entitled to? How much of the services that you are paying for is actually being used?  In fact, this is a common scenario: an employee would go for a company-mandated health screening. The results are then posted online or emailed to said employee. They read it, understood nothing from it, and the report just sits there collecting virtual dust.  End of story.  Right now, the common practice in Singapore is to subscribe into a corporate medical package available from the many private medical providers, and none of them can agree on standard pricing o