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Corporate healthcare screening packages can be inefficient. Here’s why (and how you can improve it)

There’s a famous phrase - it’s cheaper to die than to fall sick in Singapore.

Healthcare is expensive - and we’re not just talking about medical costs for patients or the ever-increasing premium for medical insurance. We are talking about the cost to business owners.
Every year employers spend a significant amount on corporate health screening packages, but how many of your employees actually understand the full benefits they are entitled to? How much of the services that you are paying for is actually being used? 

In fact, this is a common scenario: an employee would go for a company-mandated health screening. The results are then posted online or emailed to said employee. They read it, understood nothing from it, and the report just sits there collecting virtual dust. 

End of story. 

Right now, the common practice in Singapore is to subscribe into a corporate medical package available from the many private medical providers, and none of them can agree on standard pricing or the number of tests that are needed. 

A quick search online turned up results ranging from packages as low as SGD70, to somewhere in the *obscene* thousands per person; all these for a non standard series of tests that can include 10 basic indicators, to some highly specialised and detailed screenings where just the name of tests fill an entire A4 page. 

There are several problems with this approach. 

Firstly, your employees are not churned out by a factory; a standardised health screening package isn’t going to suit the needs of all your employees. Not everyone needs such highly detailed health screening, and honestly, no one likes going to the hospital and be prodded by various tools. It just adds unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

Another problem, as we’ve alluded to in the beginning, is that reports are often posted on an online portal without a face to face consultation. Unless you’ve studied in the medical field, the words and numbers on a medical report is going to mean absolutely nothing to you or your employees. 

Not only is this a highly inefficient way of providing the care your employees truly need, but it’s also costing you a lot of unnecessary dollars. Running a business, you’d look at the most efficient way to deliver results for your company - so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same for healthcare benefits of your employees. 

Indeed, in a digital age, digital healthcare is the way to go. However, not all digital health platforms are created equally. A good digital healthcare platform not only makes it easy for your employees to understand their health profiles but they also make it incredibly simple to follow up with registered healthcare professionals. 

MyDoc is designed specifically with this approach in mind. We don’t confuse you with a bunch of unnecessary tests. Instead, our platform connects your employees to qualified medical consultants, advisors, and specialists, to provide your staff with the suitable care that they need at any given point of time. 

Being a digital platform, employees have access to the services at any time, without needing to go through the hassles of traditional healthcare, as we’ve mentioned in a previous post. Everything can be quickly and easily accessed through the platform. 

Of course, a regular health screening is an important part of staying healthy - prevention is better than cure. With MyDoc, health screenings are quick and painless. Reports will be securely delivered on the platform within 3-5 days, and easily accessible on mobile or web. 

No more guessing what the numbers mean either. Markers are colour coded to draw the attention of the individual so that they can easily identify abnormalities. Employees can read what each marker means to them specifically and if they still need any clarifications, they can easily click a button and book a video consult with a medical professional for a follow-up. 

All this not only adds up to healthier and happier employees, but it also means significant cost savings for your company. No longer are you paying for items in a healthcare package that no one really needs, and your employees are getting the right type of care suited to their health conditions.
Healthcare shouldn’t be complicated, or expensive, and most importantly it shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. A company is only as good as its employees, and a happy healthy workforce will ultimately drive your business forward.

Click here to request information about MyDoc health screening.

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